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1 ⭐️ 2 29:42 Male Kennewick, WA 5K Road Run Walk
I am by no means in great or even good running shape. Joining up with FitFam and Team REI was a way to get my lazy bones jump started in 2016. Typically when I go out for a run I usually jog/walk. I decided to push myself a little more for this. I ran on a cross country track on dirt and bark not too far from my house, great location. I ended up running the flats and downhill while slowly climb... See more »
2 ⭐️ 3 39:16 Female Kennewick, WA 5K Road Run Walk
So fantastic to get outside and run!!!! Thank you for the motivation and team fun.
3 🏆 11 45:00 Female Gig Harbor, WA 47° F
It felt great to be back on my bike. I had a fall 9 moths ago and this was the first outing. I did not get as many miles as I wanted but as soon as the bike gets the needed adjustments I know now that I will be ready.
4 🏆 11 49:00 Male Gig Harbor, WA 47° F 10M Bike Ride
Mix of rain and sun with a rainbow mixed in. First time on the bike in five months. Put in an extra miles just because
5 1:00:00 Female Gig Harbor, WA 46° F 5K Road Run Walk
It was cold out there but dry. We went to the Tacoma waterfront.
6 🏆 16 2:28:30 Male Richland, WA 34° F Half Marathon Road Run Walk
The Slowest Half I've ran. Cold temps, snow and Icy road conditions played a huge factor for me during the FitFam Challenge. I'm now that much closer to the 50 mile trail race in March.
7 🌟 9 2:44:14 Female Kennewick, WA 40° F Half Marathon Road Run Walk
I split my Half between two days because I was on vacation and didn't want my family to have to wait too long for me. ;) Both runs were slightly hilly so I don't feel too bad about my times. I ran in Bellingham and Kennewick on Sat and Monday. It was fun having something/someone to push me, even if it was virtually.

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