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1 ⭐️ 2 11:16 Male Katy, TX 54° F 1M Road Run Walk
Had fun riding my scooter while my family ran!
2 ⭐️ 2 11:16 Male Katy, TX 54° F 1M Road Run Walk
I had fun riding my bike while my family ran!
3 ⭐️ 3 29:30 Male Katy, TX 55° F 5K Road Run Walk
4 🏆 26 29:55 Female Everett, WA 44° F 5K Road Run Walk
So much fun to run with 5 of my greatest friends!
5 🏆 25 32:00 Female Fulshear, TX 54° F 5K Road Run Walk
Had a great time running with my whole family, including our dog. The first mile was a little slow with the boys, but still ended up with a 32:00 5k. Not too shabby! Kylie and I made some stops for pics along the way...camt neglect the photo contest! 😉 The weather was perfect. We could have run more if it weren't getting dark. Ready for our next run!
6 🌟 5 37:06 Female Bothell, WA 44° F 5K Road Run Walk
7 🏆 13 39:27 Female Bothell, WA 44° F 10M Bike Ride
8 🏆 16 41:04 Female Renton, WA 5K Road Run Walk
Hopefully, the link will work! Fun day!!
9 🌟 9 46:08 Female Tukwila, WA 10M Bike Ride
Here's my 10mi ride! Thank heavens for technology ;)

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 Tukwila, WA
Double bibbing it!
 Katy, TX
 Renton, WA
I'm a teacher of 6th grade and I love to run!
 Bothell, WA
 Everett, WA
Run for fun, friends, puppies and fitness! My last puppy was m...
 Bothell, WA
 Everett, WA
I love pups! I have a 2 year old Boxer pup named Dexter and a ...
 Katy, TX
 Katy, TX
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 Everett, WA
 Fulshear, TX
Dog lover, math and tech chick, mom #FitFamAmbassador